11. International Ayvalık Theater Festival

Our festival applications are over.
Thank you for your interest.
This year our festival motto is as ‘’ Breathing with theater!.. ‘’ determined.
Recently increasing enviromental and massacres,destruction of our forest areas,narrowing
our natural habitats have gained a dimension that threatens us all.
It is not possible for us to remain silent in a such situation.So we have set this slogan.
We wantet to draw attention to this issue and raise awareness amaong the festival
participants and audience.
We will continue to voice our slogan already and throughout the festival on all our channels.
We will also create the festival program and contact you as soon as possible.
The work of all the applied teams are valuable for us.
This festival,which takes six days,was applied with more then fifty Works.In this case,it is in
inevitable to go to a selection.
We hope to be together at the 11th International Ayvalık Theater Festival and thank all the
teams and performance artists who applied.

Festival Secretary:

Eda Şen: 0533 631 54 91
Sinem Erensayın: 0544 432 43 90
Nesrin Seçer: 0505 423 62 15

Sanat Fabrikası Tiyatrosu
Fevzipaşa-VehbiBey Mah. Barbaros Cad. 4. Sok No:1-3 Pk:10400
Tel: 0 266 312 30 45

e-mail: ayvaliktiyatrofestivali@gmail.com