10. International Ayvalık Theater Festival

Theater beyond borders!..

We are going to organize the tenth of our festival which has been ongoing for nine years. Our festival started as 1. Ayvalık Youth Theater Festivity in April 2010 and turned into a national festival in its forth year. The national festival which has proceeded for six years has been identified with Ayvalık. Now in its tenth year, it is expanding towards an international festival. In this peace and olive smelling coast of Aegea, we are now crossing the borders and spreading out art and theater to any language, culture and belief as it is quintessential in this territory for centuries. From now on, we are going to get together at an international level during these days every year in Ayvalık, in order to speak, comprehend and express the common language inherent in theater.

feel right proud of transforming our festival into an international format – a festival which has extended each year and made a distinct contribution to our city’s making a name. We, a group of theater volunteers, are continuously striving to ensure this theater activity which will reach out to future generations gain moreand more acceleration . And in this sense, we are sure that art-conscious people of our city will support us more. We also are sure that we will reach our goals by collaborating and working harder and devotedly. 10. International Ayvalık Theater Festival will bring theater to a different place in Ayvalık and will be a meeting point of different cultures and art approaches.

wish to meet in our festival which will gather us, liberate us, make us happy to share our art and combine us as friends. We want theater unite us in a common language independently of where we come from – from nearby, afar or beyond the borders. Because art knows no bounds. Theater crosses the borders. We hav done it; now it is your turn. Let’s meet in 10. INTERNATIONAL AYVALIK THEATER FESTIVAL…


To apply the festival, you need to fill in and send us the Online Application Form up until the end of 8 March 2019.

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