About the Festival


Applications have begun for 11th Ayvalık International Theater Festival which is getting ready for new meetings. The deadline of this invitation is 17 February 2020.  The festival is being realized again via restricted financial support of great-hearted people and with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the cooperation and support of the Ayvalık Municipality, and on the shoulders of the institutions, establishments, artisans, people – that is, all those who stay close to art in Ayvalık.

Art is a name for the hope which will never end as long as human beings exist. It is a name for the willpower to eliminate any kind of obscurantism, severity, war, prejudice, inequality, exploitation and abuse. It is possible to establish a new world by art. Festivals are collective art fields where this motto is shared. Today, artistic activities reach the large masses via festivals. Festivals play a grand role in tending towards better productions, evaluating each other, getting together with the community. It is organizers’ and partners’ responsibiliy to enable these gatherings take place in a democratic environment, reach masses and also penetrate into minds. The Festival Executive Committee that is comprised of Ayvalık Sanat Derneği (Ayvalık Art Association) and Ayvalık Kültür Sanat Derneği (Ayvalık Culture and Art Association) has embarked with this idea. It updates itself each year and tries to spread the festival climate all around Ayvalık. Ayvalık Theater Festival which started as Ayvalık Theater Festivity of Youth ten years ago turned into a national festival in its fourth year, and became an International Theater Festival in its 10th year.It is being organized under the name of 11th Ayvalık International Theater Festival. We seek to include foreign art activities and contributions as well as the national ones in our festival. The festival will become a sharing and production field through different sorts of play, children’s plays, street shows, conversations and experimental works. The people of Ayvalık will be the partner of it.


The goals of our festival are:

* to introduce and endear theater in and around Ayvalık,

* to enhance the aesthetic taste level of the society via theater,

* to support and encourage private, amateur and young theater troupes,

* to help increase the knowledge and experience of certain realms through conversations and workshop activities at an international level,

* to organize and direct the participation of institutions which are expected to be the supporters of art,

* to stimulate and spread such activities all over the country with the contribution of mass media and public opinion,

* to convey different kinds of theater approaches and distinct theater experiences towards players, society and youth,

* to enpower the connection between the society and the art of theater, to enhance the level of perception,

* to introduce and develop alternative theater approaches, to provide them opportunities,

* to honour senior players who have been acting on stage for years,

* to motivate young theater formations and players to get better in theater,

* to unite theater and art shows of different cultures and languages with those in our country.

* to make contribution to Ayvalık’s journey of being an international culture and art city and to load this responsibility on all of the willing sectors.

This responsibility concerns each person who defines himself/herself within Ayvalık community and in particular the local governments. Because such activities embrace not only art and artists, but also its followers, performers and supporters. They bring a peaceful environment to the city they take place. They inspire and encourage all other similar activities.

The world we live in encumbers art and artists a great responsibility. Art must be sincere.  Professionalism should not be used to mislead people. Amateurship should not be underestimated or on the other hand, should not be accepted as a make-up for insufficiency and inferiority. Therefore, it is a serious responsibility to decide which troupes will participate and generate the harmony. We believe that our festival will become a theater activity offering new experiences to our participants, opening up our horizons.

Doesn’t a person whose capacity to react has been destroyed or a youngster who is unaware of the function of art  constitute a non-humane society? If we argue that man should lead a humane life, we should support art, struggle for sharing art and most probably we should personally be in the performance of art. We should do this in order to be able to say “I have lived”. What else is art, anyway? It is possible only by art to hold out on the dilemmas, perceptions and practices destroying nature, labour and human dignity; to adopt a non-exploitative life as a principle without marginilazing, despising, attack,n against others and to make this challenge internalized by individuals.

Theater includes an invitation for large masses. It is a form, an outcome of being occupied with art. It is the business of those who have words to say. Sometimes it is getting closer, sometimes, a refusal. If art is an aesthetic and intellectual witness, a journey which conveys today to tomorrow, theater – an important section of art – will be performed by the passionates who shoulder this historical and universal responsibility. It sould be our primary task in this festival. We wish that everybody, all segments, all troupes, the institutions, our suppliers, sponsors and the public share our thoughts and we invite you all to generate 11th AYVALIK INTERNATIONAL THEATER FESTIVAL worthily.